You can’t do it if you don’t know how it works

I don’t think journalists should use Social Media, because most do it wrong.

Websites like Facebook and Twitter are meant for discussing and sharing — not just distributing — information. They’ll function as distributors of information, but that’s less than half the benefit of SOCIAL media.

The oil in the dirt is the conversation.

People, especially in today’s society, stick with activities so long as they are engaging.

This is done in two stages: stimulus and response. Information and reaction; news and analysis. Journalists almost always offer news, but analyses are opinionated, and thereby often left to non-journalist experts or citizens to provide. And, I doubt we could offer a genuine reaction without taking a side.

That’s where I think journalists lose their voice on Social Media: responding. I know it’s where I shut mine.

I agree with Joy Mayer, about how we need to shed our View from Nowhere personality in favor of transparency, though I disagree about the hesitation toward politics: government affects us all, so let’s just confess our views and get it over with.

I say let’s forget about being independent journalists, and just be regular citizens using Social Media. But that’s just me.

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